who is danny cardoza?

Profile 1He is an anthropologist, a writer, an artist, a husband and father, and probably a human.

He also does other things like rock climb and hike, cook and sleep, homework… You know, normal things that people his age do.  He thinks life is beautiful and wants to search out that beauty wherever it may be.  It can be allusive sometimes, but he’ll try to be optimistic.  He encourages you to comment with insights and knowledge, you know, you’re feelings.  He wants that a lot actually, that is why he stays up really late making blog posts.

To see more of his family, please see his wife’s blog at: Chasing the Cardozas.

He also wants you to check out his art, which will have a special place of its own on the internet eventually, he’ll tell you all about it, I’m sure.


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